Janina R

Extremely fresh roasted beans made a smooth coffee with a light hazelnut after taste. They smell amazing, I stood in the kitchen just smelling the bag. I would recommend these beans

Marius G

A great tasting coffee with a strong flavour of…..well, you might not have guessed Hazelnut if you didn’t already know. At times Vanilla and others Caramel notes come through. Very pleasant all the same.

James M

Have tried so many different coffee types, but always come back to this one for a great all coffee and value can’t be bettered. And knowing it is organic is even better.

David M

Lovely rich coffee, freshly roasted. Speedy delivery. Does exactly what it says on the packet…..produces a cup of golden crema coffee.

Patrick J

Amazing coffee. I love it early morning, my all house smell nice, fresh ground coffee


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